Providing you with answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Where do I start?

Give us a call, we love to discuss your practice needs and how our model may benefit your practice.

Are there start up fees?

Nope, we do have some paperwork to sign and some data to gather but set up is simple and straightforward.

Do you work with a software vendor?

Our entire model is built around the Kareo PM system.  They have a wonderful Clinical EHR, that integrates with the practice management system that greatly improves efficiency and allows us to keep our rates reasonable. We have been working with Kareo for over 5 years and they only get better with time.

If I want to keep my EHR and not use Kareo Clinical EHR, what happens?

No problem, we have a model of receiving superbills via fax or email for processing.

How quickly do my claims get paid?

Nearly all error free claims will be processed within 30 days and many within 14 days. Each payer contract will state the amount of time expected for payment.  We will be more than happy to review them with you.

Where do patient and insurance payments go?

To the practice’s business bank account. Even those that are collected by credit card, the software platform allows us to set up your business banking account to accept all those payments.

How do you invoice our practice?

All payments are logged into Kareo PM to finalize the claim processing. At the end of each month, total receipt for the practice are tallied in Kareo PM and our commission is based on this total receipts collection.

What about claim appeals?

We review all processed claims. If we see a claim in error, or the practice determines that there was a claim error, the claim will be properly appealed.

Will I be assigned someone to my account after we are set up and processing claims?

Each client has a dedicated account representative who works closely with your office personnel to make sure everything is running smoothly.

What if I decide to terminate the service?

We keep our clients by providing a high-quality service at a price that works. You can terminate your agreement at any time per the terms of the contractual services agreement.