F5 Surgical

F5 Surgical is the business class billing service for surgical providers in today’s competitive healthcare markets. With a wealth of experience in payer operations, in-depth market knowledge and an unsurpassed work ethic, F5 Surgical is the leading billing service provider.

Organized in 2010, F5 Surgical continues to move forward in billing process development working closely with our clients and their third party payers. Using best-in-class technology and providing the transparency our clients require, F5 Surgical continues to show growth in the states that we cover. We encourage you to take a look at what we can offer for your surgical practice.

Our Focus

Our focus is on clinicians who perform surgery. We understand the clinical side, the business side and the reasons a person became a surgeon in the first place.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of F5 Surgical to provide exemplar billing service for surgical practices. Our friendly, well-trained support staff will assist with patient data collection yielding reliable, high quality claim processing and claim follow-up resulting in payments.

Our Vision

F5 Surgical strives to be the leader in surgical billing with consistent, high quality claim processing resulting in payment for all encounters.